About MUDS
Who needs a Male Urinary Drainage System

M.U.D.S.,L.L.C. was started in 2004 as a L.L.C. with the intent of developing and producing the MUDS or the Male Urinary Drainage System. Jacquelin Vantroostenberghe is a Registered Nurse and the inventor and owner of the MUDS patent. Her son sustained an injury which resulted in a fracture requiring a body cast. He was unable to urinate into a traditional urinal due to the restrictions of the cast and being flat of his back. He was in pain with any movement and embarrassed that he had to have help with urinating.

It was impossible to place a urinal at the right angle without urine pouring back onto him. Jacque and the occupational therapists searched catalogs, medical supply stores and pharmacies without any success finding a alternative. His only alternative at that time was to urinate into a diaper.

And so, that is what inspired the development of the MUDS. Jacques’ son used a crude version with great success and was independent with all of his urination needs with the exception of needing someone to empty the container.