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Male Urinary Drainage System

male urinary drainage system

Our Price: $39.99

Product Code: MUDS1


The MUDS is specifically designed to be utilized at each urination episode for a continent or bladder trained male with all the non-invasive features of a catheter. It is not a condom catheter and is not suitable for incontinent males unless they are bladder trained to urinate on command.

How Does It Work
    • The M.U.D.S. is a drainage system that works in conjunction with gravity.
    • A chamber within a chamber to deter spills
    • “Drip Lip” functions as a secondary backflow deterrent making it effective for men with intermittent streams of urine or dribbling with urination
    • Designed to seat against the pubic area which gives males who can’t use a urinal the ability to contain the stream of urine
    • Flexible tubing that drains into a solid container with the ability to measure accurate output up to 2500ml
    • The container may be hung on the bed fame, wheelchair, chair, or set on the floor. It is disconnected from the tubing and emptied directly into the toilet.
    • The unit itself can be attached to a bedrail which keeps the urine off of the bedside table, promoting infection control and addressing compliance issues.
    • Includes a lid for when not in use.
    • Orientation ridges for persons with decreased vision
    • The M.U.D.S. can virtually be used in any position and requires the use of only one hand.